About our project

In our world, in which there is no boundary and all nations go through a common life, education is an absolute necessity and requirement. With the development of the countries, the need for qualified workforce is increasing considerably both in our region and all over the world. 
Because of different reasons, students leave school early or they can’t complete their education. Among these reasons are school-related problems, student’s sourced-individual issues, environmental issues, economic issues. There are various studies for school attendance in EU countries. For example, the decline in the rate of early school leaving from 15 % to 10% is aimed in EU Commission’s 2020 strategy. 
We aim to increase the participation of the students in academic activities, sports activities, and socio-cultural activities. 
Our project's backgrounds is based on identifying the students that tend to leave school early, providing all students with education in line with their own intelligence type and capabilities, make them realize and develop their potential and talents.
• Identifying the reasons of early school leaving.
• Coping with school problems, development of positive attitudes towards school and increasing the motivation for learning with the support of the teachers and the students' families.
• Exchange of good practices in the field of the early school leaving prevention.
• Organisation of extracurricular activities aimed at developing the interests, abilities and talents of the students.
TURKEY - Hadim Cok Programlı Lisesi
BULGARIA – PHSEE “Marie Curie” Sliven
LATVIA - Jelgava District Correspondence School
POLAND - Wojkowice Koscielne, Gimnazjum - Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny
ROMANIA - Cluj-Napoca, Colegiul Tehnic "Napoca"
LITHUANIA – Kulautuva, Kauno r. Kulautuvos vidurine mokykla
CROATIA - Osnovna Skola Bilje